The total number of visitors for the exhibition has been 3733, among which 915 school pupils having had a practice either workshops, or visits.

The teachers (as well as the visitors / general public) are unanimous to greet the importance and the value of this exceptional collection put at the disposal to the museum of Montolieu. It is a chance and a big enjoyment to be able to appreciate art’s works without being in the obligation to go in a big city.
Indeed it contributed to make better known and to introduce the world of the art to a school public in a rural area which does not have or rarely has, the experience of cultural practices which require support, time and a budget for families.

It is thus in the school frame that the children were made sensitive to the world of the art and in particular to that of the engraving by appreciating particularly the exhibition and the educational approach of the techniques of engraving, the proposed chronology and the discovery of the great masters of the engraving.

The satisfaction of the teachers is complete in this project. To combine the initiation and teaching of the techniques of engraving with educational workshops and with understanding the evolution of art’s history during the guided tours of the exhibition, outstandingly led by Anne Réby, has been a rich education for the pupils as well as for their teachers.

Besides, the exhibition was has been valued by the local context, (and vice versa): the Museum of arts and crafts of the Book and the village of the book with its 15 bookshops mostly of old books. The amateurs witnessed and appreciated the cohesion and the coherence of this set.

The whole public of Montolieu, the members of the association and the elected representatives are delighted with this collaboration and with the presented works, and they are now looking forward to the second part of the exhibition.