Exhibition information

The permanence of engraving
Works from the Gelonch Viladegut Collection

Space 1: Av. Blondel, 40, baixos
Space 2: C. Major, 31, Edifici Casino, 1a planta

From 27 April to 12 de September, 2010

This exhibition offers a representative panorama of the history of engraving from the point of view of the Lleida art collector Antoni Gelonch Viladegut, who lives in Paris. In the display we find a large mosaic of graphic work, with a surprising variety of languages which affords richness and extraordinary variety to the show. The permanence of engraving allows the public to travel –thanks to the authors who have represented an important role in the development of this technique– through the history of engraving from its beginnings up to the present day. It is a selection of 110 pieces which configure the most significant works from the Gelonch Viladegut Collection, in which emphasis has been placed, on the one hand, on the interpretation that contemporary art offers of engravings understood as an original and totally autonomous artistic language and, on the other, on the variety of printing techniques used: from Durer to Matta passing through Rembrandt, Piranesi, Tiepolo, Watteau, Goya, Fortuny, Picasso, Léger, Dalí, Chagall, Miró, Moore, Clavé, Tàpies, Lichtenstein and Chillida, to name but a few.

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