Burles del soldats

Set of five prints of the Via Crucis (II).
Johannes Stradanus’s drawing and Phillipe Galle’s edition. Edition XVIIth century, Flanders.

Author: Philip Galle

Title: Burles del soldats

Period: 16th Century

Date:: 1587

Style: Mannerism

Technique: Burin

Dimensions: 27,5 x 35 cm

Series number: s/n

Registry number: GE-730

Philip Galle

Haarlem, 1537

Philip (or Philips) Galle (1537 – March 1612) was a Dutch publisher, best known for publishing the old master prints, which he also produced as designer and engraver. He is especially known for his reproductive engravings of paintings.

He was born in Haarlem in the Netherlands, where he was a pupil of the humanist and engraver Dirck Volkertsz Coornhert. He has five children who later became active as artists: Theodoor, Cornelis, Philips II, Justa (who married the engraver Adriaen Collaert) and Catharina (who married the engraver Karel de Mallery).

In Haarlem he engraved several works of the Haarlem painter Maarten van Heemskerck. Even while he worked from 1557 for the Antwerp publisher Hieronymus Cock, he established himself as an independent printer in Haarlem in 1563, where he made prints after Johannes Stradanus, and Maarten de Vos. In 1569 the series of Counts of Holland and Zeeland was published, a series of 6 engravings which he made in Haarlem with Willem Thibaut, just before moving to Antwerp somewhere near the end of 1569 or the start of 1570, probably to avoid the...

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