Last Judgement

Anton Koberger’s edition. Print of work: Nüremberg’s chronicles. Nüremberg. Edition Gothic typography. Ref.: Bartsch, III, 1077.

Authors: Michael Wolgemuth | Wilhelm Pleydenwurff

Title: Last Judgement

Period: 15th Century

Date:: 1493

Style: Gothic

Technique: Woodcut

Dimensions: 36 x 22,5 cm

Series number: s/n

Registry number: GE-741

Michael Wolgemuth

Nüremberg, 1434-1519

Michael Wolgemut (formerly spelt Wohlgemuth; 1434 – 30 November 1519) was a German painter and printmaker, who was born and ran a workshop in Nuremberg. He taught Albrecht Dürer.

Wolgemut trained with his father Valentin Wolgemut (who died in 1469 or 1470) and is thought to have been an assistant to Hans Pleydenwurff in Nuremberg. He worked with Gabriel Malesskircher in Munich early in 1471, leaving the city after unsuccessfully suing Malesskircher’s daughter for breach of contract, claiming she had broken off their engagement. He then returned to his late father’s workshop in Nuremberg, which his mother had maintained since Valentin’s death.
In 1472 he married Pleydenwurff’s widow and took over his workshop; her son Wilhelm Pleydenwurff worked as an assistant, and from 1491 a partner, to Wolgemut. Some consider Wilhelm a finer artist than Wolgemut, however he died in January 1494, when he was probably still in his thirties. Wilhelm’s oeuvre remains unclear, though works in various media have been attributed to him.

The importance of Wolgemut as an artist rests not only on his own individual works, but also...

See author's sheet: Michael Wolgemuth

Wilhelm Pleydenwurff

Núremberg, 1460

Wilhelm Pleydenwurff, born in 1460, operated with Michael Wolgemut for the woodcuts of Hartmann Schedel’s Nuremberg Chronicle.
See author's sheet: Wilhelm Pleydenwurff